Everything burns

by Lingua Vulgaris




Here it is, the fabled Everything burns 'Mixtape', 'Ep','Demo', whatever you want to call it. This is the project that was to become the band and collective we are today; Lingua Vulgaris. Somewhere along the way this was left by the wayside, as we built up an awesome reputation as a live band, worked on new projects and created a whole host of new material...It's rough and raw, but an honest representation of where we started from, and a nice prelude to the new shit we're gonna drop on you all soon.

Featured you will find some of our own works, and also some jacked beats from the likes of Cypress Hill/Jedi Mind tricks, mixed in with our own musical interpretations/Instrumentation. This is means as an homage to the places where we gain our influence, to show respect to some of the Hip hop artists that have influenced us and to its history. The instrumentation and lyrical content is drawn from our various influences, colliding Hip hop with the sounds of Metal and Industrial.

So here it is, the project that became LV, this is our demo, this is from before we were even a band and it only seems right to show you where it all began before we open the floodgates and take the fuck over!

This is only the beginning...

We are Lingua Vulgaris.. And we are here to completely fuck your shit up beyond recognition..


released 16 November 2013

Artwork by Mark Shields



all rights reserved


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